Why I Garage-Sale

It’s rare to go to town without making a stop at the Co-op store for groceries. I also went to the library to pick up my latest book order, and since it was a Thursday afternoon there was a garage sale to swing by on the way home. Then it took a couple trips between car and house to haul in all the treasures. Once they’re in, though, is the best part: looking at everything again, some of which you’ve already forgotten you bought.

(Click on each photo to read the complete captions.)

There isn’t one damn thing we really need around here, and since I’m always trying to pare down and de-clutter, it would be smart to avoid garage sales. Right? But then, how would I lay hands on a pretty notepad for 50 cents (instead of paying $3.95 at a store), and when would I find brand new bedsheets for $10, and how would I ever come across this particular oldstyle bread pan (narrowish with high sides) and if I did, wouldn’t I pay through the nose for it? Damn right. Garage sales offer the best bargains and the most variety around, and one never knows what unexpected treasures may turn up there, just waiting to be picked up from a table, taken to a new home and loved.

At the earlier sale this spring, I bought a smallish water fountain. This is something I’ve wanted for a long time and not come across: one that doesn’t take up much space. Scott and I set it up on the kitchen table to see how well it worked and it’s perfect! except for one thing: the pump motor is too loud. Dang it. Gotta keep searching. Meanwhile there is this unusable piece of “clutter” to dispose of, and who wants a noisy fountain? I mean noise, yes … the sound of the water gently moving from one place to another … but not the hum of a pump. Unless it can be used in the spare bedroom to enhance the chi there, where the motor may not be annoying.

Newest recipe at Stubblejumpers Café: Lentil & Barley Stew.

This is the book I’m reading. So far, so good. FEARLESS.jpg


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