That Time Again

If you have pains in your limbs, cut some hair from your head and your armpits and burn it — then the pains will go away. – “The Albanian Virgin,” by Alice Munro

Okay Alice, thanks for that.

sweaters to store

Ready to pack away till fall

Now, what is the magical cure for a stuffed nose?

Emil is still wanting to do nothing more than lie in bed and sleep. This afternoon I’ve advised him to sit propped up on the recliner couch and snooze there, maybe watch alittle TV. More than two days horizontal can’t be good for your lungs.

He recalls one of his schoolteachers saying that lots of people get colds in the spring. “I guess that’s what this is,” he pronounces, before pointing out that he hasn’t had a cold since November.


First spring garage sale sends me home with a set of six xmasy placemats

Scott brewed up the last of the ground coffee this morning, and I’m grinding a bunch of beans at once so there’s one mess to clean up instead of a small one every day. Besides, who wants to bumble around grinding coffee beans first thing in the morning? Not me. Everything needs to be as unirritating as possible at that time of day. Scott’s always up earlier and makes the coffee, so it’s him I do it for. Do you think he appreciates this kindly service on his behalf? Hee!

grinding beans

Emil is watching kids’ cartoons. I already regret suggesting it. But once in a while I hear a giggle, and that’s the best medicine.

With him here, we’ve been drinking peppermint tea every day so I had the opportunity to do a taste test between the Co-op and Twinings brands. I’d previously thought the Co-op didn’t measure up, but hadn’t done a comparison till this week. It turns out they both taste and appear exactly the same. I just like the Twinings package more. Don’t let ’em tell ya presentation doesn’t matter.


2 thoughts on “That Time Again

  1. For me, presentation is everything. It’s hard to explain why President’s Choice stuff is better than the Blue Menu.


  2. Lorna,
    We don’t get either of those brands, out here; they’re Superstore items? All we’ve got for groceries and hardware and building materials are Co-op stores. We’d have to drive at least an hour to find more variety for shopping.


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