For the Cooks

Recipes added to the Stubblejumpers Café collection online this past week were Cornmeal Dumplings and Grandma Benson’s Boiled Salad Dressing. (See

I often go to the webpage for my tried-and-true recipes and am surprised that some of my favourites aren’t there, when I assume they’ve all been added. That was the case with the salad dressing I made on the weekend, so I hurried to get the recipe posted. After all, if ever anything happened to my cookbooks, it’s one I’d miss. The cornmeal dumplings were a first try and they’ll be made again, so their simple recipe gets the “honour” of being added. oil and vinegar

The webpage is a handy thing when I want to make something in particular and am not at home. And sure, one can find a recipe online for most anything nowadays — so who needs cookbooks? But try to find the recipe you want when you want it. Ha! That’s another story. It’s not as easy as it ought to be.



2 thoughts on “For the Cooks

  1. You inspired me. I made a lamb steak stew overnight, but since I’m trying to lose weight I didn’t make the dumplings. Now I’m sorry. Next time. I appreciate your cooking site because it’s basic, home style cooking. Recipes I remember, riff off and find economical and sensible. Here’s another site I comb through when looking for what I know, and like. The recipes are listed on the right, but I also think being such a good writer yourself, you would appreciate this woman’s journal entries.


  2. Marms,
    We warmed up the last of the dumplings with the rest of the leftovers for lunch today, and they were still good! I’ll be making them again really soon I’m sure. Thanks for your kind words and I’ll follow that link. – Kate


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