Rabbit on the Road

Scott was tired after working outside on the first hot day of the season and was ready for a nap. It was seven o’clock and he knew a snooze at that hour would translate into a poor sleep later.

“It’s go do something or go for a drive,” he said, throwing his legs off the bed.

We hopped into the truck.

This rabbit still had its white tail but was not in a hurry to get off the road ahead of us. We followed it for quite some time, in no rush ourselves, before it came to an approach and turned off into the adjoining field.


That was Thursday night. Yesterday was another hot day; I could only hack a half-hour in the heat, raking the leaves from beneath the three oaks on the east side of the front lawn. The other perennial bed will have to wait for another day.

Last night we joined some of Scott’s clan for a dinner theatre in town. Had a good supper and looked forward to Scott’s brother Bruce coming onstage during the last act. A cold, hard wind was blowing when we came out of the hall around 10:30, and today it’s grey and ugly out there. I’ll dress for it though and go out for a while. In spite of the miserable temperature, a few poplars have begun to leaf out. Joy to the eyes!


2 thoughts on “Rabbit on the Road

  1. Wow, it’s actually been rainy and chilly here the past few days. We finally got a little sun and I was out in the yard working for a few hours. All that rain is making everything green and lush here, so I’m not really complaining.


  2. Secret Agent Woman,
    A few hours impresses me! There are parts of me that would be stiff and sore if I did yard work for a couple hours the first few times. I’m easing into it slowly!


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