Shortest Story Ever

Unidentified person in family photo collection

“What are you daydreaming about?” she said. “Someday your prince will come?”

“Heavens no,” was the laughing reply. “Geraniums and petunias and a lush bed of these lilies.”

“”You’ve got your work cut out for you then.”


4 thoughts on “Shortest Story Ever

  1. You are prodigious with your pen Kate. I think I finally got you done and dusted as you galloped away from me for a while. Beautiful writing everywhere as always.



  2. WiseWebWoman,
    Thanks for saying so! Coming from a writer and storyteller with your skills, that means a lot to me … especially as I’m surprised anyone reads this at all. I continue out of habit, but often do feel a bit embarrassed about my subject matter (me me me me me me me). On the plus side, it’s been pretty good writing practice. -Kate


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