Can’t Find the Curling Rink?

I parked near the credit union in town one day and happened to look up at this sign, which gave me a chuckle because unless you’re from Canada maybe you wouldn’t know what the bottom sign was pointing to. Or would you?

curling rink sign

Yesterday was a full one. Today I’m taking it easy, except for meaning to get outside and pick up after Sadie Doodle, goddamn dog extraordinaire. She has dragged up and chewed up  heavyduty old rubber gloves (where does she find them? no idea), a heated carseat-cover, several unused birdfeeders and the padding from a stool I use sometimes when weeding. Not to mention all kinds of branches and sticks that she’s brought to the step. And cow pies from the pasture! Quite the collector. She’s jumped up and pulled drywall materials out of the back of the truck and ruined them. The list goes on.

Up in the bathroom cupboard there was a bottle of taste-repellent for dogs. I took it to the porch and mentioned it to Scott. He said, “Spray it everywhere!”

She’s even chewed on the house and the door frame.

What a gal. Let’s hope she grows out of this soon.

She’s lucky she’s adorable.


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