I Drive 20 km One Way for Miss Vickie’s

I’d been craving Miss Vickie’s potato chips for several days, so decided to break up my first pet-sitting day with an afternoon trip to Foam Lake, a small town almost 20 km south. A quick stop at the Co-op gas bar for a fill, and then the Co-op grocery store, and I was back on the road.

The wait for the train to go by wasn’t long, and afterward I made a short detour off the highway to get a picture of this old schoolhouse. Outhouse and all.

bertdale school

It was a damn cold day though. Once I was back, I walked around outside until the wind drove me into the trees for a few moments of peace and comfort before retreating to the house once more. From this little path into the trees I could look out over the water and listen to the ducks doing their spring thing. It would have been easy to stand there all day but I have woodtick phobia this year and didn’t want to make my tender skin available too long. Even though I’m waging all-out “Keep Off Me” war against them, using essential oils and lotions, I still dread the first time I find one on me. I know it’s going to happen, no matter what I do. Right? But still … slather slather slather.

rotten step

Eventually I wandered back to the house and settled in for some reading, some supper, and an early-into-pyjamas night. And of course, some of those Miss Vickie’s chips.

banner coffee table tray


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