Judge Me By The Company I Keep

It’s 9 a.m. on Wednesday. The homeowners have just left, and the day stretches long before me. What shall I do first?

banner puss awaits

“Come in! Sit down…relax…converse!”

I go out to Little Green and grab the bag containing my feather pillow, my housecoat and pyjamas, toothbrush and a change of clothes. In the other hand is my briefcase filled with old journals, a novel, and a collection of Alice Munro’s short stories. I’m set. What more do I need? I am to eat and drink to my heart’s content and make myself at home.

When the pillow is unpacked and tossed onto the bed, I know the cat won’t be able to resist. To avoid a faceful of fur later, I throw my fluffy green housecoat over it. Sure enough, Puss cuddles right in.

cat and housecoat

I notice Jake’s sleeping arrangements next to the bed. “Wow, aren’t you the lucky one!” I exclaim. He’s got a pet couch, complete with his own pillow. He steps in and settles down for a power nap. He’s a “real” farm dog and will spend an hour or two at a time outside, patrolling his territory, but he’ll balance that workout with plenty of rest. Gotta keep yer strength up when you’ve got a job to do.


There are some who would never stay by themselves in a house beyond shouting distance of a neighbour. Me, that’s what I like. I was perfectly comfortable by myself for two days and two nights, but then I didn’t feel alone … I had Jake and the Puss nearby.



10 thoughts on “Judge Me By The Company I Keep

  1. Ooops. Jhumpa.

    I can’t reach my toes very easily, the unbendy back, but find those four sided nail files you find in London Drugs et al are a big help. Although Emil sounds like he has a complete new definition of toe nails.

    I think Doodle is cleaning up your “spoor” so the wolves don’t get you. Dogs know who feeds them. The rest of the pack? Who cares.


  2. Serial poster.

    And Trevor. I love Trevor’s writing. I especially liked it that he was a communications slog by day, brilliant essayist by night. Sigh.


  3. Marms,
    Duckie is quite fond of Scott, too, and loves everybody, but is definitely “my” boy, usually found wherever I am.
    I’ll have to keep an eye open for four-sided files. Never heard of them! -Kate


  4. Yes. One of my favourite writers. You know, the kind you tell everyone to read. It’s been a long time since I read River in a Dry Land. Should do it again if I can find it online, or maybe ebook?

    So many really good Saskatchewan/Manitoba writers, and musicians. James Keelaghan, Connie Kaldor.


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