Two Days with Dog and Cat

Wednesday and Thursday were windy and cold. That stopped me from walking to the end of my friend’s driveway that first day, even with a tuque on, and scarf, and gloves, and jacket. But on Thursday, and again today, I made it to the corner with Jake Doodle, a gentlemanly bloodhound.

vickies 1

He was way ahead of me at all times, and I never did get to hear him bay. Isn’t that what bloodhounds do? I guess only during a hunt.

vickies 2

Two quiet, peaceful, relaxing days and nights were spent here while the owners were away. Scott drove over for an hour on Thursday night but otherwise it was just me and Jake and a handsome PussCat.

vickies 3

I did some reading, and a lot of walking from room to room, looking out the windows. The house sits up high and is surrounded by miles of stubblefields, and water outside the ring of trees, which are still leafless so you can see through them to the glittering blue surfaces beyond. The big flocks of snow geese continue to pass over and also to feed in a field out of sight; but not far enough away that you don’t hear them.

I think my soul may have rested.


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