Six Snows Since the Crows

Sunday nights seem to have the best television, and some of my favourite programs keep me up later than I really like (or so I say while switching channels to see what’s on after the season finale of “Broadchurch”). By the time “Wolf Hall” was over at 1 a.m. and I went to let Duckie out to do his business, the step was covered with fresh snow. This morning the ground is white. SNOW

The weekend has been cold; on Saturday there were a few snowflakes flying around, and yesterday was chilly too. I went outside but didn’t take my usual brisk “trot” down the road. Fairweather walker, that’s me. Emil and I stayed inside where it’s toasty warm, and he read his three new library books to me.

He was looking forward to a “fun day” this afternoon, he said. He and his “primary caregiver” Tracy are going downtown after lunch. They’re going to stop at a café and just bum around a while.

Me, I’m out of my cosy nest in the bedroom but not sure yet what I’ll do with myself. Usually I bake bread on Mondays but didn’t replenish the whole wheat flour supply during the grocery shop on Friday, so can’t. Maybe a batch of bran muffins would be a good excuse to turn the oven on.


Cosy nest, still flannel.


6 thoughts on “Six Snows Since the Crows

  1. I have to look away during torture and execution scenes because they stick with me for years. But there is something about British history that always draws me; maybe because it’s so familiar to us here in Canada?
    I am not sure what to make of The Young Pope.


  2. Our ground is back! Lots of rain lately but I’ve never minded being rained on. Of course, living in Ottawa makes that less of a heroic statement than it might be.


  3. Lorna,
    During the months-long tick season, I wish I lived in a city.
    I don’t mind rain either. Sometimes I long for a rain that lasts several days. It seems like years since we’ve had that.


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