I read a lot. One thing I’ve noticed is that each book will contain a word or phrase that stood out in the previous book. Maybe I had to look up its meaning in the dictionary, which is why I’ve remembered it. Or maybe some historical figure or place, rarely if ever mentioned in the books I read, will turn up in two books in a row.

It’s always seemed like an unusual coincidence and made me wonder if there isn’t some kind of invisible pattern in life that I’m unconsciously following. At any rate, like most coincidences that occur for me, they make me think I’m exactly where I’m meant to be.

They’re a kind of comfort, a reassurance as well as an oddity.road r

Also, after reading a book called Quiet Power, I’ve recognized that I’ve been an introvert at least since age 20. Here’s a set of graphs that are right on the money. The one about “stages of socializing” describes me to a T. I had to laugh because at large family/friend get-togethers and local events I enjoy myself for an hour or two, then I begin to look forward to leaving, and when I finally do (as soon as I can without being rude) I’m absolutely relieved.

How about you? Do any of these fit?


6 thoughts on “Connections

  1. All of it fits. For a while now I carry a camera – a good people barrier. Last week was hell. Small talk is not my forte. Peopled out. (Literally) Today I’m on my own. Fire and good book and me.



  2. WWW,
    Fire, good book, and alone! Sounds like heaven to me. I have to check your blog and see what you were doing last week that “took it out of ya.” Isn’t it funny how many people are active in public life yet require more down-time than you’d expect. Lots of very socially successful people are actually introverts.
    We had a gathering on Thursday night with some of Scott’s clan and friends. A delicious meal and good people, but after two hours in any large group I am ready to come home, and when possible I do. I take my own car so that Scott can stay as late as he likes. Today we’re having dinner at my sister’s with her kids and grandkids. There’s a newborn baby to inspect and five other wee ones to admire, but it’s doubtful I’ll stay all afternoon. Tomorrow night there’s another clan do on Scott’s side. So we are getting our fill of food and family, that’s for sure! -Kate


  3. I used to take a book. Gawd.

    That was to the rare rare time I even when to something social, in any context of that word. Then I learned to just never go. Soooo much better. I quite like the internet idea of social, with carefully chosen forays.

    Right now I’m on day 4 of not even poking my nose out the door. Bliss. If I didn’t have to get groceries I’d probably never go out, but I’m planning on jettisoning that one too since there are now several grocery delivery services. I love knowing other people are having such gregarious fun times, driving by and hearing their music. That’s about it.


  4. Marms,
    Many’s the time I’d rather be reading a book than sitting around “visiting,” that’s for sure. Long gone are the days when I’d hear vehicles driving by playing loud music and think I was missing good times while stuck at home. Oh how times change! It only makes sense though, doesn’t it; when we’re in our twenties, say, we want to be out there chasing the unknown and some kind of unformed dreams; in our fifties we’re chasing something else, something that’s only found inside. -Kate


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