Where Does the Time Go?

That must be my most frequently asked question.

Yesterday I didn’t even manage my one hour at the computer — and that’s saying something, considering I didn’t go further than a mile down the road, and that was at suppertime when I was called over to have some pizza.

The kids were here for breakfast. Kids. They’re in their mid-thirties; not kids anymore. They brought their two bulldogs from Calgary, and since the dogs aren’t welcome here, kids and dogs are staying over at Gunnar’s grandmother’s place instead. We had assumed they would make other arrangements for their pets back at home, and would be staying with us. Oh well; the house is shipshape, anyway, and the kids are close by so it’s easy to get together. They and Scott went up to Kelvington yesterday to visit Scott’s 108-year-old grandmother, who is now in the nursing home after a stroke she had last year.

Me, I had another mission. I’ve been asked to make caramel corn for our brother-in-law Walter’s farmers market table this Saturday, so I made a batch and did all the math to figure out how much to sell it for. The price of some ingredients is higher than it was four years ago when I was doing the market myself, but the price of certain other things has gone down. As it turns out, overall it costs more to make and can’t be sold as cheaply as it was back then. I’ve got to make another batch today so I can send it all home with Walter tonight after the family supper the kids are putting on at Scott’s mom’s.

Today will be a busy one. I’m off for my summer haircut later this morning, will spend part of the afternoon in the kitchen, be out for a two-mile walk after that, and then be away at suppertime for the second night in a row. Last night I was over there, yawning, at 7:45. I came home, got into my pyjamas, and went straight to bed with the radio playing on my cellphone. (Very interesting program on CBC Radio’s Ideas program; the theory of BIOCENTRISM. I plan to listen to it again.) The “neck thing” kept me from sleeping properly so I was up several hours later to take a pill and watch some of the movie they had on.

corn r


8 thoughts on “Where Does the Time Go?

  1. Teresa,
    Happily, by batch #2 I didn’t even want to sample.
    From batch #1, I ate an entire bag while watching the Ellen Degeneres show.
    I’ll add the recipe on my recipe site, and put a notice on this blog. Eventually.


  2. Wisewebwoman,
    Kids and Scott put on a fabulous meal for a larger group of family and friends last night over at his mom’s; I took seconds of some things, and ended up with too-tight pants. Now we’ll have leftovers for a few days.


  3. Secret Agent Woman,
    You have an excuse that is easily acceptable by dog owners and it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that a lot of hosts probably use it even when they aren’t physically allergic. Why didn’t I think of that???!!!
    I love dogs too — even these two goofy bulldogs — but find myself rattled when they are in our smallish house with four of us or more. We let the dogs come on two visits, thinking maybe it wouldn’t be too bad, but between their size and their behaviour (slightly neurotic natures) I found myself irritated the whole time. I hated to hurt their owners’ feelings and not have the kids stay here, but we do have a right to say other people’s pets aren’t welcome and I do need my home to be peaceful. Some may think I’m being a bitch, but if protecting your own sanity means you’re a bitch (and it doesn’t), then so be it. As it was, we saw the kids at Scott’s mom’s down the road, and the kids spent time over here without the dogs, so I was able to enjoy the visits. -Kate


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