Froggies Have Gone Underground

No sooner did we get a warm day and a night of singing frogs, than it turned cold and snowed. Spring shenanigans; what’re ya gonna do. Brrr. It’s still freezing out there. The snow’s melted, but still. Brrr. If I get out for a walk today, and I mean to, just to be on the safe side I’ll wear my ski pants again. And tuque.

Emil was going to come out for the weekend but Scott reminded me that he planned to shock the well again and this would mean not drinking or cooking with or washing our hands or bathing in the tapwater for 24 hours. Emil decided to stay home and come out another time, as this water business would inconvenience him. He doesn’t like to alter his routine in any way. (Like all of us, I sometimes think; just more obvious with him.)

I went to town Saturday afternoon and picked him up. We’d go for a drive, we said, and that’s what we did. We grabbed a snack from the drive-thru, toured the town, and then headed out to the country roads for an hour.

When I got home and deposited my purse on the bed here in the office, I was surprised to find the iMac on. Huh! What the …? Scott was on his laptop at the kitchen table. “I got it working,” he said. “How in hell?” I said. He just pressed the button and it started working, pretty much. What a mystery, after the thing had absolutely NO LIFE for several days a month ago and has just been sitting on the desk ever since. Boy is it nice to have it back though, and seemingly working better than ever. I can do (read and write, what else) more in half an hour on this old beast than I can on his laptop, and with no patience required.

There are few things more boring to me on someone’s blog than when they talk about their computer glitches, unless maybe when they tell about the makeup they bought or relate too many stories about the antics of their dogs and cats. My eyes gloss over and I start skipping paragraphs. That said, I’m guilty of two of the above. I haven’t worn makeup in more than a decade. Can’t be bothered.

We are awaiting the parents of our grandchild-in-the-making; they will be here till Friday. The well is still “in shock” so the water is full of hydrogen peroxide and I can’t do dishes, or scrub up before getting dressed. I can’t start a batch of bread like I usually do on Mondays. Speaking of routines. Fortunately I got fresh sheets put on the guest bed, swept the entire house, vacuumed the porch, and did a general tidy-up yesterday so we are ready for company, more or less.

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6 thoughts on “Froggies Have Gone Underground

  1. Snow and bitter wind here too. One good thing about it, the geese and cranes are detouring over my building. I sleep so good when I can crack a window open, and geese let me know it’s time to get up and close them because the next sound coming along will be the other kind of honking. Bumper to bumper.

    I’d love the kind of day you and Emil had. Lots of fun exploring from the car, around your own home.


  2. We’re basking in sunshine as the bay is clogged with ice. Big melt from the Arctic.

    So happy to see you connected again.



  3. Marms,
    Emil and I hopped into the car and went all over the place from the time he got out of intensive care (he was a 10-weeks-early preemie and was in hospital for five long weeks after he was born), so he’s always been a good traveler and still loves to go for a drive any time.


  4. Maggie,
    It’s definitely spring, even with the crazy swings in temperature. The mallard ducks are back and the snow geese are filling the sky and the fields. If one can get out of the wind, it’s wonderful out there. – Kate


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