Me & My Citronella

We’ve had our first “real” spring day. While walking yesterday afternoon I had to take off and carry my jacket, scarf, and long-sleeved shirt. Woo hoo! Then last night when I was out on the step, the frogs were singing west of our yard. If that doesn’t thrill me, nothing does.

This morning the wind is cold again. But there is little snow left; only what can be found in the remaining low banks near trees. I’ve yet to see a wood tick, but the flies are out already.

Last year I put my citronella plant and some basil plants on the step near the door in hopes their scent would repel flies and mosquitoes. It didn’t seem to make any difference and I finally realized that our windy yard meant the scent didn’t linger but was long gone immediately.

In the fall I snipped and dried the basil but the citronella was brought into the house for the winter. Now that there’s no more icy air coming in when the door opens, I moved the plant into the porch and plan to leave it there all summer. I figure it will fill the room with its scent and when the door opens, maybe the smell will be strong enough to repel insects and keep them out.

It was kept in rooms with north-facing windows and now is getting some direct sunshine in a south window and from the door facing west. Within two days it pushed up new growth from the roots, making it clear that the new placement is much preferred.


Oh all right: scented geranium.


Thanks again for the citronella, Sandy!



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