Cold, Miserable Weather Day

Tried the recipe for “Best Ever Banana Bread” yesterday, and it’s okay but “best ever,” I think not. Just average, even with the inclusion of a half-cup of unsweetened coconut,
which improves just about anything it’s in.


The neighbour’s dog Sara was here this morning when I let Duckie Doodle out to do his business. Five minutes later when I went to let him back in, all three dogs were gone and didn’t come when I called. I grabbed a jacket and my car keys and headed for Sara’s home, assuming the dogs had followed her.

I met Duckie at the end of our driveway; the two bigger beasts had left him and his tiny legs in the dust. After putting him in the porch, I drove down the road and spotted Sadie and Sara in the distance, on the other side of a field of wet black soil. They both made their way to me when I called, but Sara got sent home (I hate to give her shit, because I’m always happy to see her, no matter where) and Sadie got a tongue-lashing while I put her collar on, with the leash attached. I left the car and started walking her home, but she quickly pulled her head out of the collar, which clearly needs to be tighter. I got back into the car and drove home slowly, stopping frequently to spur her on with “Get home!” in my angriest, commandingest voice. Goddamn dogs.


Shame-faced and exhausted on the back step. Oh but it was worth it!


6 thoughts on “Cold, Miserable Weather Day

  1. Looks kind of exhausted. Don’t you love it when dogs dream run? Somewhere deep in their brain they are leading the pack on a hunt.


  2. Lori,
    Her whole existence is free. Such is the fortunate life of a farm dog. But I do hope she learns to stay home. Being on the road can be dangerous, and so can running too far from home. That’s how we got her in the first place; she’d appeared with another dog at a farm several hours from here, and no owner could be found. Maybe the dogs had been dropped off by irresponsible people, but maybe they’d chased a deer for too many miles and couldn’t find their way home. We’ll never know. -Kate


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