Running Out of Titles

Yesterday: Heard cranes high above my head, but couldn’t see them. Saw three empty beer cans in the ditches along my walk. My usual six loaves of bread turned out so large that I had to cut two in half to fit them into bags for freezing. Why? I did nothing different, except that there may have been a different variety of vegetable water, as there always is, and that the molasses container was almost empty so I didn’t measure the usual amount and don’t know whether I added less or more.

Last Night: Stars were shining brightly, and it was warm enough to stand outside being awed by them for some time. Our yard is quite large and beneath the big Saskatchewan sky at night, one is quickly dazzled. A pack of coyotes was howling and yipping so close by that I stood on the step a while to figure out where they were. Right at the end of the driveway, it sounded like. I’ve never heard so many, so near, so loud. Poor Sadie stayed on the step, barking, or ran around near the house. She’s not herself today; maybe she’s exhausted, maybe she was awake all night. I also heard a duck quacking, so that means they too have returned.

Today: There are blackbirds in our three oak trees. Huge flocks of snow geese are flying over our yard for long minutes on their way to wherever they’re headed. I’m off out for a walk and then will go help Scott do some stuff in town. My plan to bake “the best banana loaf ever” will have to wait for another day. Let those curvy fruits ripen even more, what the hell.


Did you pull any April Fool’s pranks? I got Dad and my brother Cameron with a bullshit story about paying a large deposit to book a whitewater rafting trip for the entire family to celebrate Dad’s 80th birthday. Dad fell for it just long enough to realize I’d never do that, knowing him as I do; and Cameron was ready to pitch in some cash and book the days off.


4 thoughts on “Running Out of Titles

  1. I never do April Fool stuff; before it was because my kids always loved playing them so I had to pretend I’d forgotten what day it is; now I’ve actually forgotten or slept so late that I’ve already been tricked by people online.


  2. The big thaw is happening here with rain non-stop for the rest of the week. Lots of winter garbage popping up all over the place. The geese are returning slowing and there’s a few birds chirping now and again. No April Fools jokes here. Bring on the sun and warmer temps.


  3. Usually I don’t think of any tricks to play. Though last year I got Dad with a text saying I’d got a real cheap deal on a RedEye flight to Kelowna and could he pick me up at the airport in a half-hour? -Kate


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