Books and Reading’s All I’m Needing

In the sidebar on the left, there’s a section called “Overheard.” That’s where I put snippets of conversation I have or overhear, bits that for some reason or other I choose to share. When there are none of those at hand, I post quotations or excerpts from books I’m reading.

Today you’re seeing the last quote I kept from Juliet’s Answer, a memoir started and not put down (unless I had to, which naturally was too many times over the course of a couple days) until it was finished. It was Glenn Dixon’s account of his quest to understand love by going to Verona, Italy, where he volunteered on a team that replies to letters to Juliet (of Romeo and Juliet fame) from the lovelorn and the searching, all over the world.

This morning I’m on the last chapters of Orphan Train, by Christina Baker Kline. It’s a story about the hard, sad early lives of two orphaned girls, one in this century and one nearly a hundred years before. It looks like it’s on the verge of a happy ending, which these two deserve more than many.

Recently I read Barbara Radecki’s first novel, The Darkhouse, set on a Maritime island. A lonely teenage girl with a ghostly sister-self discovers disturbing truths about her father and her own history, leading to a breath-holding ride to a conclusion that will change everything.

All three books are highly recommended by “moi,” faithful reader.


4 thoughts on “Books and Reading’s All I’m Needing

  1. I love books and lately I’ve been reading Sue Miller because someone put a whole bunch of her books in our condo library. Apparently, she’s a renowned author. She tells good stories and leaves me reassessing my relations with family and friends. I had hoped I had already figured them and myself out. Even well-intentioned grannies make mistakes. I’m moving on.


  2. Lorna,
    That sounds like there are some stories yet to be told!
    One thing I often tell small children is that “Adults can be wrong.” You see the surprise in their eyes when they first hear it, and then their relief.
    Even well-intentioned grannies.


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