Grandpa Won a Meteor

There was a “car bingo” in Wadena and Grandpa J won a 1956 Meteor.

It was Grandpa’s birthday yesterday. He died when I was about 21, leaving me with many fond memories: always keeping chocolate ice cream in his deep freeze for our visits; playing rummy with me for hours at his kitchen table; never driving out to our farm without chocolate bars for us kids; and many, many more.

Like the time I’d just gotten my learner’s licence and drove his car, with him in the passenger seat, too fast around a deep, sharp curve on the road out of town. His fingers dug into the dashboard and he exclaimed, when we safely rounded the corner (curve), “Damn near killed me!”


Grandpa J, left, with announcer and Julius Bohl, far right.

Grandpa was a kind, gentle man who gave me, a mischievous, yappy child, the gift of unconditional love and appreciation. Maybe he’s the reason I still assume that kind of love is possible and that I deserve it, no matter what.


2 thoughts on “Grandpa Won a Meteor

  1. Those of us lucky enough to have that unconditional love from our Grandparents were given the best gift possible. Now that I have Grandchildren, I am getting to feel what that unconditional love feels like from the other side of the equation. It is the most wondrous experience of my life!


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