The First Person I’ll Hire When I Win the Lottery Will Be a Cook

“What’s your favourite kind of cookie?” I asked Scott last night.

“Oatmeal raisin,” he said with a smirk, knowing I don’t care for raisins in cookies.

So today I split a batch of dough in half; his got oatmeal and raisins, and mine got chocolate chips. How’s that for compromise? Not selfless, but not self-serving alone, either. I get some points, don’t I? Guess it depends who’s handing out the points.


Last week I followed a recipe from a card in Mom’s handwriting, which was in this recipe box from my growing-up years. Cream of Celery Soup: recipe and photo HERE.

Which reminds me, there are six loaves of cooled bread on the kitchen counter that need to be bagged up before I go to bed. Does a woman’s work never end?????? Hee!

All my culinary efforts aren’t success stories. One afternoon I thought I’d whip up a quick and easy dessert for supper: chocolate coconut macaroons. Through no fault of my own (no, really), the sugar measure turned out to be salt, and the whole batch was thrown into the garbage. Disappointment!



2 thoughts on “The First Person I’ll Hire When I Win the Lottery Will Be a Cook

  1. do you know a stronger word than “disappointment”? I would need that if salty macaroons were passed around.


  2. “Gagworthy,” they were. I tried to eat one and couldn’t, but the taste stayed in my mouth a long time afterward.
    I’d had to use some of the white sugar because we’d run out of brown, so couldn’t even start another batch! -K


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