Saturday Update

Seen: two Canada geese. You know what that means. Spring is here! Love it Love it Love it Love it … Winter seems to have passed quickly.

I take great care when walking to the barn, or a twisted ankle could easily be come by. The snow is crusty but sometimes soft underneath. It’s kind of like stumbling by foot over a lake of sugar cubes.

The cats sit patiently on a crusty snowbank, heads tilted as they listen to mice travelling in tiny tunnels below.

This week I worked with Scott and Bruce in town, staining and varathing baseboards and doors for a basement. Thank goodness they weren’t long days, as even slight forward-bending doesn’t agree with my back lately.

One afternoon on the way home I got dropped off at the library to deposit my last three books (read The Darkhouse thoroughly, skimmed through most of Isadora and the Freeland book) and was pleasantly surprised to find another batch had come in. I signed them out and strolled over to Corner Service, where Scott had gone to see our friendly neighbourhood mechanic.

And here’s the view from the row of three old theatre seats, where I sat with my haul of reading material while they finished their conversation:


10 thoughts on “Saturday Update

  1. That’s a nice picture of that garage workshop with the view through the doorway. I wish my garage was like that, with half the equipment.
    Got my new van now. 81 miles on the clock when I picked it up. 130bhp, Ford Transit Custom, great for a 2 litre affair.
    Is it better than a bike? Debateable?


  2. Yes, Canadas here too this past week, flying over. I hear them, but don’t see them. They’ve got other places in mind. So wonderful. I do hear coyotes singing almost every night, and sometimes see one or two running across the four lanes into neighbourhoods. Scouts. What are they after? It’s especially wondrous when they mass for a hunt. High pitched quivers and trills moving through the river valley.

    Speaking of night or early morning sounds that bring nostalgia and longing: does anyone else miss train whistles? Maybe you still hear them where you are? It’s rare here. I think there must be some kind of regulation silencing them in and near metro. Oh occasionally I catch one. Forlorn, far away, and I’m right then, seeven years old on a flood of memory.

    This is Canada eh?


  3. We still hear train whistles once in a while. I too love the sound. Our place is about five miles from the nearest track so when we hear a train we figure the weather’s about to change.
    Saw my first dark-eyed junco of the season on the front step this morning. -Kate


  4. Actually the sound here that heralds Spring is the roar of Harleys coming up the hill and the slamming shut of apartment windows.


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