It’s a Cabbage Wind

I’ve been cleaning up my act in recent months: letting go of old habits, forming some new and better ones, observing the difference this makes to my state of mind and my everyday experience. It’s all good.

As this goes on, it’s almost as if the universe is giving me guidance. For instance, first my iMac abruptly quit. I moved to my laptop for about a week and one morning this weekend I turned it on and it refused to accept my password. I couldn’t do a damn thing with it. Following instructions to fix this, found online with my cellphone, didn’t work. Scott did everything he could, but no luck. This morning I turned the laptop off and put it away. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to spend even less time on computers than I already have, since quitting my office job in September. I’ve suspected this for a long time, but I don’t always act on such things as soon as would be wise. Maybe the message has to be more forceful.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.



PS there’s a purple cabbage on the kitchen counter, and there is a scary spring wind, and that is why the title of this post. No good reason.

PPS even this entry does not want to save or publish right now; nothing computery is working correctly. See what I mean?