Hello! How Are You?

You may not see me for the next few days because — yippee! — I finally got to the library to pick up the books I ordered. What a thrill it is, every time, to carry them in my arms, out the door, and home.

Sadie and I didn’t get our walk today. Duckie would’ve come along, too; it was springlike, melty. I didn’t even wear my ski pants over my jeans. Now that’s saying something! But I wasn’t home to ramble. This morning I went to town with Scott (contractor business, lunch with his mom who met us on Main St., groceries, mail, library) and this afternoon we went to Margo (Little Green went to the car doctor), stopped in at Kuroki to borrow a piece of equipment the boys are using to get the well working properly at SouthForks (a cultural reference you won’t recognize unless back in the day you watched Dallas, where it was the name of the family “compound”), and visited with Scott’s mom again at the farm when we dropped the thing off.

When I go pick the car up, I’ll pop in on Aunt Shirley and my sister Karen, if I’m lucky enough to catch her at home. Today Scott wanted to get back here sooner rather than later and that was okay with me, too, after being out and around since 10:30.

A pleasant day, what can I say? No excitement, no drama, no stress, no conflict, no story to tell, no questions to ask, no rants. Just a day to enjoy being alive. Spring in the air. A drive cross-country and a drive down the highway. And now, pyjamas and new books. My life isn’t a thriller, but it’s just the way I like it.

There’s very little chance that I’ll be AWOL from these pages for days at a time. As if! Even when I don’t have a damn thing to say (as you can plainly see from this entire entry).

Whichever shall I read first?! But of course it will be The Darkhouse, written by the beautiful Barbara, who sent me the first draft a few years ago. It’ll be interesting to see what she and her editor ended up doing.


8 thoughts on “Hello! How Are You?

  1. I was excited the other day about a book I had been waiting to get from the library, too! I got it home, all ready to dive in and relax for the evening and I got about three pages in and returned it the next day…. strange too, because it is a book everyone was raving about by Brene Brown (Daring Greatly) butI tell you, I just can’t seem to stomach her books or many books like them….. I’m sure I’m one of few, as she has made a killing ……. sigh.


  2. That’s the way it is. I get lots of recommendations too, but that’s no guarantee a book will speak to me. There are books my friends rave about that I can’t get into, quite often. It’s disappointing though, isn’t it.- Your Big Sis


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