The Old Becomes New

Now that you’ve been alerted to the existence of the sidebar on the left, I’ll also tell you that I’ve started a Facebook page for Stubblejumpers Cafe.

If you visited this webpage before I started using it for a daily blog, you’ll recall that I posted photos from cafes around the world and used them as writing prompts for the fictional Stubblejumpers Cafe. I’m doing that again (minus the fiction, though I’ll still use each photo as inspiration for a brief note), but not here: it’s on the Facebook page instead. Please accept this as your invitation to join me there. Just scroll down the sidebar a-ways and click on the FB “Like” button.

Look for this image:

IMG_0513 (2)

Funnily enough, I start the FB page at the same time as limiting open-ended exposure to my regular FB account. To look at FB, I set the stove timer for 15 minutes once a day and log out when it rings. Otherwise too much precious time disappears, often with no payoff whatsoever.

I’m changing bad habits and weaning myself off pointless pursuits. This isn’t to say there’s nothing worthwhile on FB. Far from it; there is plenty. Unfortunately there is also too much garbage in between the good stuff, and the never-ending scroll is addictive. What’s coming next? It hooks me and before I know it, an hour has flown by. No more.


8 thoughts on “The Old Becomes New

  1. If you still post here I’ll still read, but don’t have a Facebook.

    I watched the video of you and Emil out walking, with the dogs, I think? He is a sweet and handsome boy. I was quite charmed by him. I wish he could be home with you, but oh children do grow up and want to be away too. No matter how it may break our hearts.


  2. I’ll still be posting here. The FB page is for the cafes I “visit.”
    That was probably Everett, my youngest (age 24) in the walking video. Unless there’s one with Emil, but he walks with elbow crutches so … not sure if I have a video with him that you’d call “walking” … at least, not for more than a few steps. But thank you for the kind words! I’m very fortunate to have both my sons living in town just six miles from me.


  3. It was Emil although I admit to vascilating on that. It was quite warm out there he opined.

    Wheenver you say “town” I’m still kinda startled. Town, where? Small in Saskatchewan is truly small, but still demands status. Don’t diss town.


  4. Yes that Emil is a sweetie.
    “Town” is Wadena, with a population of around 1200. That’s the closest town. But it’s not my hometown, which is Margo, population between 100 and 200 nowadays and around 250 when I was growing up. -Kate


  5. I was wondering what the population of those towns were. Facebook, what a brain drain it can be sometimes. I totally agree with you on limiting the time re: a timer – addictive it can be, most especially when I’m thrown into music performances like America’s Got Talent or something like that.


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