Peace & Plenty

Cathy just informed me that she’d never clicked on the sidebar at the left because she didn’t know it was there. She wasn’t aware of the daily tarot draw and the overheard conversational snippet. Webpage design fail! Or maybe those don’t come up when you’re browsing on your phone? Even so, still a page design fail.


I promised you no more snow pictures, so here is a photo of one of the three burr oak trees on the east side of our lawn. Don’t hate me for being a brat. Hee!

Here’s the same tree seen from the dining room window, where I’m sitting with a steaming cup of delicious tea from (Thanks Joan, these are great!), watching the redpolls and chickadees empty the feeders.


Scott’s been over with a tractor and pushed the snow off the driveway.

I’ve been outside once today. There was a trip to the Quonset to put five loaves of bread into the deep freeze; I baked yesterday and this batch hasn’t been spoken for. There was a trudge to the barn to feed and water the three cats, none of which showed themselves, and then a return to the Quonset to fill the cat-food pail for tomorrow. The bird feeders at the oaks needed refilling, as they do every day. They are an army of ravenous beasties, those little feathered ones. And finally Ms Sadie and I made a mile’s worth of steps down the road north and then down the road south. I was indoors again by 10 o’clock and settling in here at the kitchen table to check my email and see what’s happening in the bigger world.

In my world, there is peace and plenty.
Why am I so fortunate, and so many others are not?
Luck of the draw, is it?


8 thoughts on “Peace & Plenty

  1. Side thingey? Mental note to check there more often, although I did find it when I first came here I’d misplaced it. It was from there I was led to the lovely Uffda Soaps.

    I think there is something so sustaining about living in the country, your way. And winter white. I was listening to day to a man extoling the calm vitures of sleeping and camping in a snow hut. Why have I never? Must remedy that, somehow. I think your corner of Saskatchewan approximates that, an updated snow hut. I have never lived in Prairie, although known lots of Prairie people who went north. Most of Canada does not realize, Saskatchewan is mostly bush, rocke and lakes. But Prairie are the people.


  2. I love Laura’s products. It’s soon time to order more; my last shampoo bar is half gone. Soon wood tick season will start up again and I’ll use Laura’s bar shampoo and oil blends and lemongrass lotion to help keep them off me. It will be a daily battle and I may smell like a lemon but I’m thankful I won’t have to use anything containing Deet. (Anyone else reading this and interested in trying Laura’s products, see the sidebar on the left and the link Getting Through This Miserable Life.)

    You’re right, Saskatchewan is not all prairie! Even where I live is not prairie, but parkland. Prairie is further south yet. But what is it that Joni Mitchell wrote about Saskatchewan folk: “They’re such sky-oriented people.” True dat.

    Lately I saw the word “schoolmarm” and thought of you! -Kate


  3. Thanks for sending us 40cm of snow. People here were getting a little to smug about winter being all done. Temps in the -20’s for days. Fingers crossed this is the last storm of the winter. Keep warm.


  4. No side thingy! What!
    You have to click on the thin orange bar, and the sidebar opens up.
    If it doesn’t, it might have something to do with the browser you’re using. Just guessing. Really it should work with all browsers, but it’s possible the template designer didn’t make sure of that.
    It’s warmed up to melty, here, and smells like spring. -Kate


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