Movin’ Me

Is there anything sweeter than the scent of pure beeswax? Every once in a while there is a gentle waft of it from these lotus candles next to the couch. It’s as if an angel is there next to me. If angels smelled like anything.


I haven’t attempted to get my camera to upload to this laptop and am relying on my iPhone 4. Let’s blame it, not my too-zoomy self, for the fuzzy picture.

CKUA Radio is on at our place right now and this morning’s show has been playing old-time country music, which reminds me of Uncle Bob and makes me think of you, Reta, because you’d enjoy this too. Sundays are a good day on CKUA, but so are all the days. You just have to find the programs you prefer. You can listen to CKUA on your computer; just go to and click on “Listen Live on Air Now.”

One of my favourites is “The Old-Disc Jockey,” but I have a lot of favourites on this station.

Radio comes in a lot clearer on the computers and the cellphone here so my clock-radio is relegated to being a clock on top of the china cabinet. No more static, yay!

Podcasts have spoiled me. CKUA doesn’t have them! So I’m unable to stray far from the TV, which is playing the station at the moment on StarChoice (channel 828). I don’t want to miss a thing. That’s how good a time I’m having, listening! Singing along, dancing around, grrrrrrroooooovin! Roy Forbes is playing swingy jazzy bluesy tunes — oh here, go see! ‘Course you gotta listen live at the main link but anyway, if you haven’t explored this radio station at least once in the thousand times I’ve raved about it… well … don’t make me come over there. I’m not going to. I mean it. Smarten up. Wish you were here! Wonder if Scott’ll dance with me when he gets home … .




10 thoughts on “Movin’ Me

  1. I can NEVER get out on a SUNDAY! Just too much good radio. I tend to listen to the non pods, because I can pod later.

    Right now? Tapestry. Next. Eleanor. Both CBC. My god the story on Tapestry today is heartbreaking.

    “I would never kneel before a priest today. I just couldn’t. ” Mary Cullins.


  2. Absolutely. I spend whole days, remember mornings mid-to late ’60s, Bruno Gerussi, in the time slot now inhabited by The Current, then Bruno left radio for a boat dock somewhere, and Peter Gzowski moved in. I was in the far Arctic then. Short wave radio. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than anything we have now, radio or tv.

    I listened to Paolo Pietropaulo on Radio 2 yesterday. This, electifying: What a great way to present classical music:


  3. I’m addicted to CBC am talk radio. It just never gets old for me. Even if they do re-run some of the shows 3 times a week.


  4. They had a great idea when they started re-running shows. It saved them production money and gave us opportunities to hear shows we’d missed (before there were podcasts). There are so many CBC programs I like that I can’t keep up and listen to them all. A wealth of fascinating radio! – Kate


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