Heavenly Harvest

The phone rang in the morning and it was Scott, calling from Calgary when he visited Gunnar and Melissa a few weeks ago.

“Let’s get on videophone so we can see each other,” he said, to which I replied, “Um, no thanks.”

“What! You don’t want to see us?” he said, taken aback.

“It’s not that,” I said. “Really it’s the other way ’round.”

Melissa got on the phone.

“We forgot to send one of your guys’s Christmas presents with the others in December, and Scott’s going to open it now and we want you to see.”

Hm. Won’t I see it when he gets home?

“Please?” she said. “For me?”

No pressure there.

So I went to the computer and got on FB and up came the video feed of the three of them in the Calgary kitchen and they could see my morning head too, but hey how can that be? I thought the camera on the iMac quit working right after I dragged the computer to an Apple store in Regina a couple years ago! It must be magic.

And so he opened the box and held up the contents:

And then Scott and I both started sniffling. (Maybe NOW they will stop calling their bulldogs our grandchildren!)


10 thoughts on “Heavenly Harvest

  1. Congratulations, Granny-to-be!
    I forgot another book I wanted to mention…The Sleepwalker by Chris Bohjalian.
    That’s it, really….


  2. Congratulations!

    “Maybe NOW they will stop calling their bulldogs our grandchildren!” This cracked me up! We went through this with four dogs, four furry grandchildren.

    I cover the camera on my computers with a wee bit of painter’s tape, they can’t see me!


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