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The first and largest birdsaver is made; now it needs to be hung outside. Meanwhile it’s dangling from the curtain rod and I’m pleasantly surprised that it’s not at all annoying to look through.


Photo taken last week before the “big blow.”

It’s 3:30 and we’re just back from town. I had my regular shiatsu appointment for preventive maintenance, and between peeps/squeals (frequent when she works on tender spots in my lower back) my therapist and I chatted as usual about various subjects, among them topics for newspaper columns (hers) and blogs (mine). We’re both feeling our idea wells are dry at the moment.

It’s easier for me, of course. My blog’s a personal one intended for friends, family and new acquaintances; she’s writing for the public. We could peruse the news stories for subjects that readers are talking about, but neither of us tend to write about those things much. I don’t have much to add to those conversations though I have opinions, naturally, about assholes who vote in ways that seem to be against their own interests (for instance) and assholes who terrorize and kill innocent people, and so on. They have some type of mental and/or spiritual illness, as do all assholes. There’s a lot of it around!

Politics, economics, current affairs … I follow and care about them all, but I’ve nothing new to offer when it comes to observations, understanding or solutions. Charlene’s a good researcher whose lifestyle columns have covered the intricacies of baking bread with sourdough starter, living with fibromyalgia, and finding proper-fitting bras. Me, I just write letters.

My favourite mechanic is in Mexico with his wife so Little Green hasn’t gone to the “doctor” yet and I caught a ride to town with Scott. Besides picking up a few bags of groceries there was time to stop at the library. I’m stocked up with three novels to hold me till a book order comes in next week with my requested reading material. Can’t wait to climb under the covers tonight and dive into them — yes, all three, to help me decide which to read first.

Have you read any fabulous books lately?
I order all kinds from the library, but some orders they’ve never been able to fill. Like Confessions of an English Opium-Eater. They say it’s been shipped, but it’s been years already and it hasn’t arrived. Looks like I could read it via ebook but that’s not my preferred method. I’m reading an ebook right now and just want to get it over with.

I know, I know — I do digress — that’s why I write a blog and not a newspaper column. What freedom! And that’s just the way I like it. Speaking of writing, I’ve hardly written anything in my paper journal for a while. I’ve been taking a break from that and other longtime practices that have been assumed valuable, but were they really? I just stopped and am seeing how it feels to do without. Different? For sure. Better? Worse? Well, there is now space to get a clear look and maybe come up with an answer.

Next: cutting my coffee intake in half. According to the measurements on the pot, I’ve been drinking four cups each morning. Two would be wiser and I’ve been kidding myself that two giant mugsful are only two cups and aren’t I a moderate drinker! Yeah right.

I’ve got space, and am not trying to fill it with busywork. I could cook and organize and job-hunt and visit all day every day, but that’s not what I need. I need to take a good, long look, and that’s what I’m doing. That, and trying to remember to breathe more deeply.


6 thoughts on “Ask Me Something

  1. Thank you; added to my list. Two of the novels I brought home last night are going straight back to the library today. Honestly, it seems like anything can get published nowadays, when here for years we’ve thought writing had to be so excellent in order to be published. Disappointing. I don’t mean simply no interesting plot — I mean not good enough writing to make the author disappear and the characters natural! – Kate


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