Back to Normal

Finally some quiet. The wind died down during the night and all is calm. There are sculpted snowbanks in the front yard, a frozen ocean of waves hardened into rock by the dropping temperature.

Scott was watching a live concert by rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa last night, so I climbed into bed to listen to CBC radio podcasts and was asleep early for a change. It’s not that I dislike JB’s music but that it doesn’t hold my attention enough to sit staring at the screen while he makes it.

These earlier nights are something to aspire to, though I’ve always been a night owl. Earlier nights mean earlier mornings, preferred to later risings. Why, it’s only nine o’clock and I’ve already had toast and two mugs of coffee and a bit of time with Scott before he went out to start his truck, take food to the barn for the cats, and drive over to South Forks (the family compound!) to help his brother feed and water the cattle. The day lays long and welcoming before me.

I’m kinda thrilled by the huge snowbanks whipped up around the yard.


9 thoughts on “Back to Normal

  1. Oh it’s just beautiful. I miss GOOD snow. Snow that is so sculptural.

    Now minus 21. For pete’s sake! Make up your mind!@#&%*


  2. Looks like winter is holding strong :( We have had rain and wind the past couple of days. Snow expected some time next week. Keep warm.


  3. Very cold here at the moment, but … we’ve had worse! We had serious wind too but that’s not too unusual here. For you, what a shock it must be to come back from a warm holiday to a Canadian winter. -Kate


  4. I think it depends on who it is. I’d sit and watch Eric Clapton or Joni Mitchell or James Taylor, and they wouldn’t be jumping around the stage so what is it that would keep my attention? Maybe I like their music more. I mean, not maybe; I do. But it can’t just be the music. I love J.M.’s music but sat bored stiff through the Alberta Ballet’s production several years ago using her songs. Had Joni herself been up there singing and playing, I’d’ve been rapt. ‘Tis a mystery. -Kate


  5. I prefer streaming music on YouTube now. We can watch the “performance” not just listen to sound. Presently hooked into Yo Yo Ma “Silk Road” and Kennedy Center Honors segments. The tribute to Led Zep! Lenny Kravitz, Heart and Foo Fighters are electrifying.


  6. Cheekbones. It’s all about the cheekbones.

    Kravitz has posted the full four minutes which includes more cheekbones, and a substantial guitar solo. I’m glad I didn’t watch it in real. I don’t think my heart could take it.


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