Snow Days

The wind is beating against the house and there is now a five-foot snowbank in front of the kitchen window. Scott walked to the end of the driveway this morning to catch a ride to town in a four-wheel drive. It’s not a blizzard, but visibility on the road is poor.

When the wind took a break. That’s the five-foot snowbank.

Going for a walk with the dogs today is out of the question. I’d lose Ducky Doodle in a snowbank if he didn’t blow away first.

WWW, I tried to comment on your blog but the laptop isn’t letting me. Just know that I’m reading faithfully, as always! And I agree, often we aren’t aware of our own prejudices and if they are pointed out to us, we refuse to see or admit to them. I also notice that while we may at the moment say “No way, not me!”, we’ll often walk away and think about things when we don’t feel defensive in the presence of another person. I see evidence of quite a lot of that.

My Hero did a scan/defrag/whatever on the laptop that took overnight to complete, and now at least I can access my usual favourites. He has far more patience and stick-to-it-iveness with these machines than I do. Thank goodness there’s someone like that around. Still no luck with the iMac though. Maggie, I tried the suggestions from the search, but nada. Fortunately I do have my files backed up onto a thumb drive; unfortunately these PC laptops won’t read the Mac thumb drive so I can’t lay hands on everything. Oh well it’ll all be there when I want it. Nothing is lost forever.

Last night’s meatballs were fabulous (if I say so myself) so I threw the leftovers (homemade tomato sauce, spaghetti) all together into a casserole that’s about to come out of the oven for lunch, so off I go. It may be a do-nothing day but at least Scott’s home again, safe and sound, and the power’s still on.


4 thoughts on “Snow Days

  1. Kate, your weather has me thanking heaven for our cold driving rain and overcast skies!!! Yesterday I read a post by a cottager who was up at his cottage over the last weekend, we used to live in cottage country at the country house, it was -28C up there last Saturday night, shudder, I try not to think about how desperate March felt up thee!! I am EXTREMELY glad to be living in this cold rainy paradise in southern Ontario, it is amazing how much experience can mediate one’s perspective.

    That is too bad that the iMac is not responding, you got a good many years out of it. Just in case you get a windfall for a new computer, this is where I bought my refurbished iMac, the inventory changes,

    Glad that you and Scott are nestled safely at home in such weather!


  2. Yes, he’s snoring in his underwear right now, on the couch with Ducky Doodle! It’s a rare day when he’s home in the afternoon. Even the snoring is a bit of a treat except that I should wake him up and send him to the bedroom to use his C-pap machine.

    Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out for sure.

    I never could understand how you managed to cope with the masonary heating system at your country place. You did, of course, but what a load off your mind not to have that extra inconvenience to worry about. -Kate


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