Clouds of Summer

Gotta admit, it’s pretty nice to have this big sky right out the front window. We see some compelling cloud formations, not to mention birds like hawks and eagles — the ones that fly high to eyeball the land. We haven’t seen any of those for the past few months but it won’t be long now, and some crows have already been back for a month. Which is ridiculous. Hope they know what they’re doing.

A blizzard is moving across the province. Could be winter’s last blast — it IS March, after all — the month of spring. Woo hoo!


Above the tractor shed. -Photo by Scott

The news, eh? It’s like a horrifying fiction. No wonder people tune out.


9 thoughts on “Clouds of Summer

  1. The Trump thing reminds me of a Kurt Vonnegut novel. The thing that encourages me is that absurdity can flip around into something totally unexpected, like in a Vonnegut novel. We might not be doomed!


  2. The river’s open here and there in spite of minus 11 at night and the crows never leave anymore, damnit. They have been here all winter for some years now, plus PLUS, a few ravens. In the middle of the city! Somehow, a Canada Goose survived the winter probably hiding under the boat dock. She can fly but can’t land,so, same thing. Magpies are making that little burbling sound to each other that they usually don’t make until May, and the CHickadees are singing their nesting territorial song. Everything is CHANGING. We used to get barely any rain, all the moisture being down as snow for eight months. Now, we get the June Monsoons, and the bare road is always. Bare. What did they do with the snow removal budget I want to know. Did they put it into seniors services or daycare? Why not?


  3. What’s the saying about March – In like a lion, out like a lamb? Doesn’t bode well for my neck of the woods – it’s been lovely the past few days.

    Today I was in the back yard and heard raucous crows above me. When I looked up, I saw they were tormenting a poor hawk.


  4. After yesterday and last night, we have huge snowbanks in front of the house. Poor little Ducky needed to go out and had trouble finding a place he could navigate without getting bogged down in snow!


  5. Before going to Toronto, I checked the 14 day weather predictions. Based on that, 1 pair of warm pants, 2 pairs cheeky wide-legs of rayon. All the various items fit that decision. I wore the same pants and sweater almost every day.


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