If Not One Thing, Another

Emil’s in the car with me and we’re heading down the road toward Margo when the engine oil light starts to flicker. Now this is an older car and its dashboard electronics are temperamental and it could be just another baseless warning, as many have been, but engine oil, well we don’t mess about with that do we? The car’s not due for its regular oil change yet and the light’s gone off and stayed off but I pull into the inlaws’ yard, which is only a mile from ours, to check the oil. After a short visit with my mother-in-law while the oil settles, I go back out and wipe the dipstick and poke it back in and pull it out again and what? No oil whatsoever? Not a drop? Really? I try a couple more times, unwilling to believe my eyes.

Pat drives us home and when Scott arrives several hours later we go over and he verifies that there is absolutely no oil in the thingy. He adds nearly a gallon and I drive Little Green home. A seal must’ve gone and repairs will be necessary and I will be lucky if the motor doesn’t quit altogether, won’t I?

The car has never burned oil so there was no reason to check it before driving it each time, and who does that anyway? But the last time I drove it there was, for a minute or two, a slight smell of burning rubber that seemed to be related to the heater but I couldn’t be sure and didn’t think it would be anything serious and then forgot about it. That must’ve been the early warning.

Goddamn computers, dogs, kids and cars.


Look at the top left about a third of the way in, and come down from the little white church to the long, small building with one of those false storefronts (probably not the correct word, but …) above its front window and door, facing the street. That’s the real “Stubblejumpers Cafe,” now long gone.


7 thoughts on “If Not One Thing, Another

  1. Trouble comes in battalions for the stubblejumper. Life sucks the bag at times.

    Deepest sympathy. Time for a gratitude list.



  2. Hey Kate, your list is getting longer :) I feel for you. Our domestic infrastructural failings come in clumps of three, almost every time. I think you must be approaching some sort of saturation point!


  3. I don’t know why, but what I enjoyed most about that was following the directions with the computer curser to find the cafe.

    Lately my old Prius has been tormenting me with random warning lights.


  4. Why, yes! I hope my tone has been coming across properly — tongue in cheek. Life here is good and these are not much for problems. If this is my share at the moment, I can take it. Let me see how long it takes to rattle off a gratitude list of 5 things: 1) it’s snowing big heavy flakes and so cosy in here and I don’t have to go anywhere; 2) we had another fabulous supper last night with Faye and Rick, sweetest friends in the world; 3) I found a board to put across the bottom of the doghouse door so that Muttnik doesn’t drag all the straw out with her. It’s working; 4.) I only had to take two migraine pills in February. Granted it was a short month and I needed one on March 1. But even only three is something to rejoice about and make me hope the raspberry leaf tincture is working; 5) We have orange juice! -Kate


  5. Ha! Yes I hope so. On the bright side, it’s all quite manageable and I’m really not complaining. It’s just one small part of what’s happening around here and I’m enjoyably occupied. Spring is so close too! -Kate


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