One Last Bitch Session

The thought actually crossed my mind this morning that it might be better to quit blogging than to fight the frequent frustration of doing it on a computer that constantly throws up roadblocks. Maybe it could completely squelch the urge, you know? Could happen! But I expect it’s possible to get used to this and soon find it no problem at all. So I’ll quit bitching now. Promise.

Sadie Rambunctious Doodle knocked me down again yesterday out in the yard. I got up hurting and angry, and gave her a tongue-lashing. She slinked/slunk/slank away in shame. I hope she starts paying frickin’ attention before I break a hip. That’s twice this winter that she’s bowled me over and I guess one way to look at it is that at age 58 I can still fall down without doing damage, and that’s a good thing.

Goddamn dogs, goddamn kids, goddamn computers!

That said, we sure love her. She’s so sweet, as are most dogs, that one can’t help it. She’s the most cuddlicious furry beast ever. We let her into the porch to eat and she’d rather bask in our attention than fill her belly. Her size and strength and pure enthusiasm are almost dangerous. I have to make her wait till I get sat down before allowing her to snuggle up, otherwise heaven knows what might happen. She’s definitely a very large pup, still. I hope she won’t be the death of me.


Another of Scott’s photos: male ruffed grouse.


6 thoughts on “One Last Bitch Session

  1. I mean I got used to dialup our on the Edge after high speed Toronto. I howled a lot. Publicly and once on CBC. And it worked. After a while.

    We are an adaptable species. But I do feel your pain.



  2. I’m in Toronto with Dave who’s had a hernia repair done. I packed following the weather forecast which so far was forecast wrongly every day. Dave’s doing well and we’re home by train tomorrow. No dogs have attacked me.


  3. It’s the going backwards that is hard to take, isn’t it? Waiting for this laptop to do anything kind of reminds me of waiting for dialup back in the day. When I moved out here in 2002 that’s what we had for the first few years. I have to sit back, take some deep breaths, and often I even get up and go do something else for a while rather than sit here snoozing.


  4. You sure have all kinds of wildlife where you are.

    I hate having computer troubles. The new computer at work, for reasons I cannot discern, moves like a a plodding dinosaur. Drive me nuts.


  5. We do have a lot of wild animals but I don’t see nearly as many as I think I should. Either their populations are seriously down or the majority keep their distance, which I hope it is.

    I had backed up my iMac onto a thumb drive recently so there isn’t much lost if the machine never again turns on. So it’s not that big a deal. Had to happen sometime. I’m glad we do have these laptops, fidgety fillies though they be. Sounds like your work computer is a limping relative of theirs. I feel your pain. -Kate


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