Three Visits with Pop

Dad popped in Thursday afternoon on his way to Margo. He came over again on Sunday, and once more yesterday before going to visit other relatives and friends.

As he was about to go out the door I remembered to take a picture and thought a selfie would be the thing. My arms aren’t long enough, apparently, as there was a glare off our faces with the camera too close. I handed it to Dad and his attempt turned out pretty well.

You’re not young anymore,” he reminded me, as I teased him about being an old fart. Here he’s concentrating on pressing the shutter button. These newfangled picture machines, eh!


We took off our spectacles for this photo.


8 thoughts on “Three Visits with Pop

  1. I look a lot like my mother’s side of the family, but I did get my dad’s hair, for which I have a lifetime gratitude….thick, grows fast, absorbs peroxide with joy and accepts gray, when I would have loved my mother’s pure shiny white.


  2. What a nice shot. I never seem to get the actual faces in the selfies, off to one side, a part of a raven wing and some clouds. Wha?! Once I got my whole chin and a smile. I pretended I meant it that way.


  3. Family resemblance and genetic inheritance only makes sense, but I still find it wondrous. Around here you can see teenagers or twenty-somethings in the street and although you don’t know them, you know who their parents are because they look exactly like them. That’s the coolest thing!


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