Oscar Bites & Bits

I try to get in the habit of sitting in front of the window with my coffee first thing in the morning, but just as often the computer gets me.

What’s a girl to do? Maybe I’ll set the timer so it comes on by itself, and try to keep my hands off it till then. Hff. We’ll see.

kitchen-shelves-rTop Shelf:
Grandma J’s “good dishes” were on the head table at Mom and Dad’s wedding.
Grandma B’s set that belonged to her mother. (Reta, tell me if that’s wrong.)

“We really are glorious, radiant beings.” – if you’re wondering what the sign says. It has to be moved because it’s too high, which means I don’t notice it often. And the reminder is wanted. And needed.

I can’t write and hear a radio conversation at the same time. Tsk. Oscar talk on Q.

I liked Kimmel’s wit and style. Thought Viola Davis’s speech like a movie monologue that went on too long. (Don’t hate me.) Couldn’t understand why Charlize Theron would wear such an unflattering dress. (Girl doesn’t have a mirror on every wall? Come on. She’s beautiful enough to wear a paper bag; maybe she meant to prove it.) Didn’t understand Halle Berry’s hair either. Noticed tans are out, pasty white skin is in, now? Also, what’s the big deal about Justin Timberlake? Yeah he got the crowd up dancing — even my toes were tapping — but somehow he still managed to be boring to watch and listen to. Sorry Justin. I know many people disagree with me. Commentators on Q didn’t like Kimmel’s “jokes” or “bits,”  but their concerns didn’t occur to me.

The Oscars introduce me to a few new movies, which some years is the reason I watch.

I’ve seen the first hour or half-hour of Fences and lost interest. Caught the beginning of Moonlight and didn’t stay to watch the rest. Hacksaw Ridge or whatever — which will have battlefield scenes — isn’t a show I’ll subject myself to. I’m looking forward to Lion and La La Land and the animated Piper. There was only a quick glimpse of 20th Century Women and Annette Bening is in it so I’ll be looking for that one.

Have you seen any recent films that you absolutely loved?

You can probably see why Scott and I don’t watch too many movies together. If I choose the film, he usually falls asleep. If he chooses it, I usually get bored and wander off. Sometimes comedies will hold us both, but what’s the last hilarious movie we saw? I vote for WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS. Can’t think of a better one.


7 thoughts on “Oscar Bites & Bits

  1. LOL’ing outloud here at the trailer. Now I can spend fruitless days trying to find it on DVD. I don’t do the streamers and don’t have tv. Presently looking for DVDs of Katyn and Anonyma, Monsoon Wedding and The Lives of Others. Have The Visitor and Doubt sitting here, and oh yes does anyone have the DVD of Part 6 Downton Abbey? I’m always searching the Goodwill stacks, but what a chore. They aren’t in any order, not alphabetical or genre, still for less than $3 each on seniors day I will spend some time with a crook’d neck. And can’t be beat for a laff to tears, the BBC tv series Getting On. Not the USian remake sorry.

    Since I can’t read much or at all anymore I watch films. I check them out on RogerEbert website which continues beyond him, and sundry other lists, such as Best Foreign Language Academy nominated. Can’t lose with most of those.

    Any of Mira Nair’s films, such as The Namesake, Salaam Bombay….


  2. I loved both Arrival and La La Land. I haven’t been in the right frame of mind lately to watch movies of misery, but I saw and loved Kubo and the Two Strings, even though I never figured out the two strings bit.


  3. LOVED “20th Century Women.” I copied a couple of quotes from the movie into my little Japanese planner as they really spoke to me. Thought Annette Benning was superb (and I went in with no real opinion of her).


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