For the Love of Blues

Anything new gets worn several days (or nights, in this case) in a row or until it falls off my body. I love new-to-me clothing. All the women in my family are the same as far as I know and I’m guessing, but aren’t all women the same, everywhere?

As promised:

blue jammies r.JPG

I love these blues!


Just got in the door with Emil and hauled in a few more bags of groceries. Emil loves to go to the store, not to shop but to see who he might run into that he knows. Today I said, “Boy, there are no groceries we really need, but why don’t we go and you can buy everything your little heart desires?”

He thought that was a pretty good idea and we came home with roasted chicken for supper and a can of chicken gravy (apparently his dad buys this when he’s out visiting here and Emil likes this with french fries), potato chips, orange pop, sausage sticks, chocolate ice cream and chocolate bars. And that’s just what I can remember. Finally I told him we’ll do this again sometime so he’ll have other chances to shop, and he let me go to the checkout counter.

At the moment we’re having some of the tea you sent, Joan. Good stuff!

Margo’s having its annual steak night and we “should” go because it’s always a pleasure to be home and see long-unseen faces, plus Dad is here, but will I rouse myself to get out of the house again today? I haven’t even been for a walk with the hound yet, and here it is almost four o’clock.


10 thoughts on “For the Love of Blues

  1. Pretty sure I saw those jammies at Goodwill this aft. Did not buy any but did score a copy of Doubt dvd for $2. Yeehaw.

    I love this travel journal idea and your email journal/blog whatever. I look forward to it so much. You are wonderfully creative. I”m so happy I clicked that link on your addy one day at WWW.


  2. We could be twins. Live my thrift shop PJ bottoms (pockets!) And rule in my family is the t-shirt has to match, sorta, which adds s level of thoughtful sophistication. LOL 😀



  3. Things change when you’re older, and alone, and renting. You must not appear dishevelled and disoriented, lest someone think you’re gone daft and start asking around about your compos mentis with an eye to “help you out”, get you moved into a senior’s residence, intimate you’re not “safe” alone anymore, in a sad and so concerned voice. Why don’t you get those handles for the bathtub mom? Because, it sends a message to landlord. And also, anything you depend on takes away your adaptation and ability.

    Being messy is less problematic if you own your own home, or are younger. It’s still messy chic. When women especially are old, well we are cut no slack. Daffy old men are toleratated, chuffed, adored and whatnot. Daffy old women are on the way out, post haste. Can’t have that. I can’t remember how many times I’d find my neighbour in the elevator in her old nightie, having gone down to newspaper box. Then one day she had a stroke and landlord would not allow her back in building from emergency care. There was no big loss, she was a bit befuddled for a week or so, then back to herself pretty much, could have done with meals on wheels, I and another one checking up daily, newspaper at door not picked up? better call see if she needs some soup. No. The refusal was couched in such caring terms, not safe worried about her safety etc but privately, not having that in here potential smart tenants don’t want to live where there are old messy, frizzy women. Right now they are on to getting another one out, and it seems it’s legal. So much for “homecare”. That literally means, you own your home, not rent, and not condo, because condo boards don’t want you either.

    You can tell a woman’s age. If she can still get away with sexy/chic/messy she’s up to about age 50ish. If she tries it at 70, she’s playing for time. Choice is taken away, sooner or later in our misogynistic culture.


  4. P.S. I never go through the lobby w/o being fully groomed, lipstick hair styled, boundy step. And you cannot hide behind closed door too much either, or they find a reason to come in. “Just checking on your window fittings.” :(


  5. It is the price our society enacts on women. They come over all social worker on you mouthing words about care, but really they just want to remove us to some seniors ghetto because the sight of us is so unsettling to them.


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