From the Barn Door

I’ve spent part of the morning reading through lists of articles on the Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan website, and they are catchy, those articles! I almost got snagged on more than one, but was on a mission so forced myself to keep moving before reading everything completely. “I’ll be back,” as the man said.


Standing inside the barn door after feeding the cats. Off to the right –>

I learned that there is a village or place in Saskatchewan named “Wartime.”


I learned that “Islam” means “peace” (if I knew that already, and surely I did, it was still a pleasant reminder), and saw that there are two practices of the Muslim faith that would be good for all of us: 5 daily prayers (to help remember our spiritual focus), and zakaat, the requirement to donate some of one’s annual savings toward the less fortunate (what goes around comes around, too, so this isn’t just altruistic).

I’d best get moving, as I’ve set myself two tasks to finish before Dad stops in this afternoon on his way to Margo. Sadie Doodle has brought straw from the doghouse into the porch so it needs vacuuming; and I’ve got a hankering for bran muffins, which I can give Dad for a snack and also send some with him to Karen’s.


WARTIME, SASK., a video. I love this guy’s collection of video of these tiny places in the province.



4 thoughts on “From the Barn Door

  1. A good day all told you tell us 😏. Yes learning is always good. One of my old,yes truly old friends just registered for university in the fall.



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