Miles of Smiles


Poor Sadie gets ice clumps between her toes.

They don’t keep her down for long. She is the Great Red Hunter and she has heard something under the snow in the ditch:


Some little creature must be quaking in its furry boots.

I can’t help laughing at her. She’s such an oaf, but a large, powerful one, coiled like a giant spring, full of energy. She falls off the step regularly.

But oh, what a luvvy big bear she is. She is sweetness itself. And there’s nothing quite like a giant pup, clumsy and playful, to put a smile on your face.

We have springtime weather here lately. The snow on our gravel road should completely disappear after one more day of meltage. We’re out walking each afternoon; yesterday it was so warm that even Duckie Doodle wanted to come along. His hairy belly was pretty wet by the time we got back, but he parked himself without my noticing on a soft, comfy blanket on the couch to dry off. Damn dogs.


I’m listening to a therapeutic Essential Oils webinar, and when it gets to the end and the presenter is marketing his educational products, I remember to look up French Word-a-Day and subscribe to the feed. Fittingly, while I am listening to a “health” webinar, the French word of the day is “le soin,” which means care, attention, treatment.


Phone rings; a number I don’t recognize. We get a lot of those irritating hangups and sales calls, but I answer. It’s someone from away, stuck in the snow down a road locals don’t drive in the winter. She doesn’t even have a shovel. I give her phone numbers for the closest people to her location, and call over to the other Godhe house, which is a mile away from here. Pat’s home, surprising me, so we have a brief conversation. She isn’t living at the farm since her second knee operation, but misses it. A short visit with her granddaughter when she comes off the schoolbus will have to suffice, she figures, before she heads back to Kelvington to her mother’s place.

The stuck driver hasn’t called me back and doesn’t answer her phone, so I’m not sure what, if anything, I can do. Perhaps she’s accessed some more useful help. I’m going to take a snow shovel, hop into Little Green and mosey over that direction, see what’s what.



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