Quilt Squares Finito

sewing-basket-rNext, the binding. Thank goodness for Shirley, quilter extraordinaire. I’ve left it with her for now.

While I was at Karen’s the last time, I spent the evenings in a chair in front of her picture window, listening to CBC Radio, pricking my finger with a needle over and over again, and cursing.

I managed to finish stitching all the squares, woo hoo!


4 thoughts on “Quilt Squares Finito

  1. About 12 years of it, mentioned several times in my blog(s). I’m always repeating myself — after all these years blogging — and thought I could get away without an explanation. Guess not! Glad you said so. I always love to talk about Mom.
    When she was dealing with terminal kidney cancer in 2004, she and Dad moved from Salmon Arm, BC, to Kelowna to be near the cancer clinic where Mom was taking an experimental treatment. My sister Karen and I took kids and moved out there to help and be with them, and our sister Joan already lived there with her family. Mom was an avid quilter and joked that if she did one thing before she died, at least one of her girls was going to discover the joys of quilting. She started a quilt with each of us and I spent a lot of time putting the squares together at the sewing machine in her bedroom. She liked that, she said; it was relaxing to her. I’ve worked at the hand-stitching occasionally over the years since then, but never stuck to it long enough all at once to finish. Till now, that is.


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