What Do You Do When You’re Bitchy?


Sunrise at Karen’s, where I sat with two sweet little Yorkies on my lap and sipped my black coffee. The only wild animal we spotted on the frozen lake was a coyote.

Do you go through life in pretty good spirits most of the time, and then wake up one morning and find that all day, things that have irritated you and been wisely tolerated or ignored are reminding you of themselves and making you hissy?

That’s the kind of day I’m having. I think it’s because a neck-migraine has been threatening since before I got out of bed. Coffee, food, dishwashing, and a mile walk in the serious cold haven’t made it go away; sometimes they do, which is one reason to put off taking medication as long as possible. Another is that medication has side effects I can do without, even though they aren’t extreme. Anyway, today’s affliction isn’t too intense so I haven’t medicated myself. I’ve remained hopeful that I’ll just forget about the slight discomfort, which is, when it does disappear on its own, exactly what seems to happen.

But I am kinda cranky.

Knowing this, I’m biting my tongue and keeping to myself.

The smart thing to do would be to take the pill and lie down. (I’ve already had something to eat and checked my diaper; now it’s nap time. These three simple remedies to crankiness work for children and adults alike.)

What do YOU do when you’re feeling bitchy?


8 thoughts on “What Do You Do When You’re Bitchy?

  1. I have an occasional kind of cranky day too. Not to sure what the hell brings them on. Not migraines. Maybe it’s when I don’t take my own down time.


  2. I’ve always needed a lot of alone time, and have always made sure I got it. People probably think I’m unsociable, but it’s not that: I like people and like being with them, but only for short bursts of time. If I don’t get my solitude, I don’t feel right. Recently I read Quiet Power; it’s about introverted people and the way extroversion has been more highly valued and admired in our society and by business. Some have said I’m a “people person” because I’m friendly and can and will talk to anyone, any time. But this book made me recognize that I’m an introvert and have been since at least my late teens.


  3. I can give bitchy a bad name so avoid the happy sandbox and its human contents. Though recently a couple I love can nudge me in there and make me laugh. Extraordinary as I’m such a loner.
    I hate sharing unspecified misery.


  4. Speaking of laughter, have you seen Just for Laughs Gags, the show out of Quebec? It always gets the laugh-out-loud outta me so I’m going to make a point of watching it from now on. People are so cute.


  5. Do you remember Paul Soles? It was just yesterday he was on that daytime tv talk show “Take 30” with whatsername, Adrienne someone. Clarkson. Madame Governor Genreal. Please, someone else remember.

    I find the news such a headache now. I just have so little tolerance for it, but also stumbled (ha) on Samantha Bee, doing a Trump take-down. It was pretty good. On CNN don’t ask me how I was there. I surf. I don’t have tv.

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Tomorrow I’m making this for supper:


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