Men at Work


Brothers Scott and Bruce

It’s been a pleasure helping these two over the past week. And earning grocery money! Can’t argue with that.

Shelly phoned me this morning before heading up north to spend the weekend with her paramour. That’s her on the far right, 1983ish:


Leaving Shreveport, Louisiana, after a visit with Carl and Reta and I guess their kids! there’s Nathan on the left. Shelly and I made a lengthy bike trip through the States and Mexico; we made ample use of our thumbs too.

Then I had a call from Joan, whose house was a disaster, she said, because she’s been painting. She just sold this commissioned painting to a lady in British Columbia:



4 ft x 5 ft acrylic on canvas, by Joan Caroline. My sista. I knew her when, so there.

Well, me darlins, I could sit here another hour but Emil is going to sleep in the bed behind me and is kicking me out.



4 thoughts on “Men at Work

  1. Glad to be back here. Missed you! This Old Reader feed I have is dicy. I had to reinstall. I’m not adept enough to explore alternatives and manually input all links. 😫

    This should work



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