In Praise of Podcasts


Sadie sure wishes Ducky would play with her. I think he will when the weather warms up more. We had a couple gorgeous melty-mild days so Ducky had his first walk in some time.

Praise Jeebus for podcasts! I’ve only recently begun to take full advantage of them.

I can listen to my favourite programs on my cellphone before falling asleep, using my earbuds so Scott isn’t bothered by the sound.

I can listen to them at Everett’s when I spend a night there, rather than suffering through the crappy reception on the clock radio in his living room, where I bunked down last Wednesday night. Why didn’t I twig into this all last winter when I was staying there every Thursday night? D’uh.

And I can listen to them while working alongside Scott and his brother Bruce this week on a basement renovation in town. They have been mudding and painting and I have been sweeping and washing the floor, among other things. It seems like a waste of energy to scrub the floor when it’s only going to get dirty again before it’s cleaned one final time, but Scott likes his worksites spic and span. It’s made me think of the way I only like being in the kitchen, and cooking, when all the dishes are done and everything’s spit-polished before I start. Kind of similar.

I’m to go help tomorrow too. The fellas listen to and sing along with golden oldies (1970s hits) played on the radio; upstairs a large dog barks constantly the entire time we are there; and my little ear-buddies keep me entertained. Today I listened to Under the Influence, The Next Chapter, Writers and Company, and White Coat Black Art, all podcasts from CBC radio. Among the many things I learned is that cows can map out a better trail than a computer can.

Holy Hanna, it’s almost 11:30! Too late to be up, for a gal who will be sweeping and scrubbing and god-knows-what-else tomorrow. I’m off to bed. And to listen to As It Happens: the Midnight Edition.


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