I’m All for the Marchers


The dead tree that was across the ditch outside our driveway last winter was cut up and removed, but now another one has fallen, drowned by the overabundance of water in our area over the past few years.

I’ve just seen a rant on FB that has been posted by a woman and “liked” by more than a dozen other women. These are Canadian women agreeing with a sentiment that because women in so many other countries of the world do not have the same rights or privileges as North American women do, we “lucky ones” should not be activists, should not be protesting inequality or injustice, should not be “whining.” Marching in support of women’s rights and all human rights is, apparently, “whining.”

When Canadian, American and British women began fighting for the vote, they also were told to shut up and stay home. They weren’t just told this by men; there were women who had the same attitude. Some of the suffragettes were actually beaten up in the street while peacefully protesting injustice and demanding the vote. Many were imprisoned. It was a fight and it was the courageous women who fought it; not the ones who stayed home and criticized them and told them to keep their mouths shut and count their blessings because they were better off than many women elsewhere.

These so-called “modern” women (“We are free! We are strong! We are independent! We take responsibility for ourselves!”) take for granted the legal rights that women in North America now have. They haven’t looked just a few decades back to where we not only didn’t have the vote, but we and our children were the legal property of men who, if they were our husbands, had the legal right to rape and beat us. We didn’t even have the right to go into a bar for a drink.

Women still don’t earn the same pay as men for the same work, or have equal opportunities for advancement on the job front. Women are still overwhelmingly killed by male spouses (the last report I saw stated that in Canada, one women is killed every six days by her domestic partner). Sexual assault remains a huge problem, not just in the streets but in private and even in the workplace. And women in many North American locations still have to fight for the legal right to make their own choices about what to do with their own bodies, now, in 2017!

If you are a woman who criticizes women who are publicly standing up for women’s rights and all human rights; if you believe that it’s only the “pampered, lucky” women who have the time, money, freedom and health to do so; if you believe that because we here in North America have it “so good” in comparison to women in other places in the world then we are just “whining” when we say that even here, things are not yet perfect and more work needs to be done; then your disdain for women of action is obvious. You are not strong, free, responsible or independent. You are blindly, desperately avoiding reality. Stay home on your comfy couch if you feel self-righteously safe and superior there. No one is forcing YOU to go out and publicly stand up for yourself or your brothers and sisters, many of whom ARE willing to speak up for the rights of all.

Fortunately, as we saw around the world on January 21, multitudes of men and women everywhere don’t see things as you do.


2 thoughts on “I’m All for the Marchers

  1. Yes. Our ancestors earned us the right to continue moving forward! Millions around the world confirmed that love and compassion create power.


  2. “your disdain for women of action is obvious”
    I would add to this Kate, that their disdain for all women is obvious.

    Also, not all women were able to march, many were with the march in spirit only, and I felt sad that no mention was made of that; nothing is perfect. I would like to add as well that action is not the only strategy, other strategies exist, some of them are fought in court rooms, board rooms, back yards, school rooms, the list goes on and on.

    Another thing I read that was posted by a woman in Kingston, Ontario, was that the USA is not our country so we should not be marching in support of them. I don’t agree with that either. And I am almost certain that any woman who thinks that the results of this election are not going to affect women, and many, many citizens in this country, is in for a shock. The repurcussions are going to change things here, and all over the world, women are right to support each other without boundaries.

    I like that: Women Without Boundaries! Does that already exist? Hmm… one group by that name on Facebook, and interestingly they are a closed group, and another that is just an empty shell of a group. Still, if there are Doctors Without Boundaries, why not Women Without Boundaries.


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