More Than Halfway Through January


Across the road from our driveway is the quarter-section that was the original homestead of Scott’s grandparents on his dad’s side.

We don’t have much snow and, with the last few melty days, one of the family fields I drove past on my way home from town this afternoon is black. Ah but winter is yet young, isn’t it? We’ve a couple months to go, and anything can happen. Someone noted that the daylight is already lengthening notably.

We went to town to cut-in some paint below the ceiling and put Emil’s room back together, only to discover the previous two layers of paint hadn’t covered the old colour well enough. I went back to the store for another gallon and we gave the room a third coat. Tomorrow we put the baseboards on again, hang his bookshelves, and haul all his stuff back in.

These beautiful days make you want to be outside, even with nothing to do but walk. The dogs are waiting for me … .

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From Lorna: linked to nothing in this post, I wanted to tell you that a friend of mine in Humboldt is on the (I believe local) radio station. Her name is Sarah Miller.

I’ll dial up that station and listen for her!


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