Doodle Doo


The Poop Scooper

The sight of turds makes me perspire and gag. Even if I look away, just the thought does it to me. It’s silly and I know it’s silly, but that’s how it is, these past few years.

Our dog has no manners and does his business right off our doorstep, where we walk past it whether coming or going. I’m disgusted by this and have tried to get the dog to go further away. Alas, as a pup he was trained to void on a deck attached to my sister’s kitchen. It was gross then and it’s gross now, what he does. And of course, in the winter it’s too cold for him to go far and at night he’s afraid to, what with the foxes and coyotes in the vicinity. Now with Sadie Sue on yard-guard he would be okay, but … he’s 10 years old and has his habits that may be difficult to change.

For the price of 10 loaves of homemade bread, Everett came out this afternoon and shovelled up all the Doodle doo. My hero … I might say he drives a hard bargain (one batch — five loaves — didn’t entice him, but two batches did) but it’s worth it to me at any price.

We had business in Humboldt this afternoon, so I stayed at his house overnight. I slept okay, but my right arm has been stiff all day so I must’ve lain on it funny. Now I understand why people like to sleep in their own beds. I used to be able to sleep anywhere — even a carpeted floor — as long as there was enough padding so my hip bones didn’t get worked over. Now I’m much more sensitive and accustomed to my particular comforts. Talk about getting set in your ways. It happens to you, whether you like it or not.


2 thoughts on “Doodle Doo

  1. I too love my creature comforts. As you note, aging is a real trip Kate! I think there are as many changes as we face when we first arrived here on planet earth, and much of it is mysterious. Things we could simply ignore in our youth can blossom into full blown issues in a very short time. There is a very good reason that people who get old focus on their health!


  2. linked to nothing in this post, I wanted to tell you that a friend of mine in Humboldt is on the (I believe local) radio station. Her name is Sarah Miller.


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