Up Early



“Get me up so I can have coffee with you before you go.”

He was being picked up by his sister at 7:30 and they were off to Saskatoon to get their mother, who is being released from hospital today after her second knee-replacement surgery. The trip to the city will give them two hours alone together, something that rarely happens.

It’s still pitch black outside my windows after seeing him to the door. I always kiss him goodbye, though sometimes I have to trip him in order to slow him down long enough.

Things I say, usually giving him a squeeze, whether he’s going away for a few days or only a few hours:

“Come home safely”


“I miss you already”


“Don’t go falling in love with any other girls.”

This last one I say with a perfectly straight face, as if I might be worried. I’m not, but anything is possible and this reminds us both. Our lives can change in the most unexpected ways at any time.


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