Away With ‘Em for the Next Nine Months

I cannot make a goodlooking bouquet no-how. Faye, next time you’re over — I need your help. It’s fallen apart since you fixed it up for me and I just stick the pieces in wherever they’ll stay put, and hope for the best.

The seasonal decorations were put back into the trunk today. Till next Christmas we’ll make do with an unlit string of lights in the oaks outside the front window, and a banner of glass tree ornaments hung below an archway indoors. It’s Christmas year-round in the Johnson/Godhe household.

Emil must’ve said 1000 times over the weekend: “I can’t wait! I’m so excited about going to Mexico!” My ears are still ringing.

We had a grey, snowy day and I didn’t get outside till nearly three o’clock. The wind being what it was, it didn’t seem wise to venture far in any direction. Never know when it might blow itself into a blizzard, and I hadn’t seen a weather forecast. SadieSue Doodle and I strolled across the road, around the trees and up the hill to an open field. After surveying its wide expanse, we came back to the driveway. I thought of the Russian immigrant visiting friends in my home town who left early on a January evening to walk to her farm two-and-a-half miles northeast of the village. “Many local citizens helped search during the night but no trace could  be found; a blizzard was in progress. When daylight came the search was resumed.” Her frozen body was found a quarter-mile from her home. That was many years ago, 1947; more than a decade before I was born. Her portrait is on her tombstone in the Margo cemetery and the story and an accompanying newspaper clipping is in the village history book. I often think of this woman when I’m out walking in the winter and the weather is being iffy.

Still, I turned at the road and went a little ways south, and then came back and went a little ways north, just because it was beautiful out there, snow and all.

This band, The Burying Ground, is doing a house concert in our area in June. I’ve just requested two tickets. Have a listen:

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Secret Agent Woman says:
JANUARY 11, 2017 AT 12:21 PM
And did the missing sister like it?

I will have to ask her! She claims she doesn’t read at all … not even cereal boxes. That can’t even be possible. You need to read to do your grocery shopping, don’t you?


One thought on “Away With ‘Em for the Next Nine Months

  1. Kate, I too am very cautious when out walking alone. When we lived in the country house, there weren’t any people around in the winter and it would be easy to fall down somewhere and not be found before freezing to death, or at any time of year to be confronted by a wild animal and get stuck up a tree out in the bush. Now that we live in town I am still cautious, always bringing my cell phone along with me, fully charged, just in case my back or my knees give out suddenly, or someone bothers me. The Russian immigrant woman’s experience is a good cautionary tale.

    I followed your link, great entertainment!


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