Flavia De Luce


Canadian author Alan Bradley has done it again: crafted a beautifully written murder mystery starring the sharp-eyed sleuth Flavia de Luce.

The narrator is 12-year-old Flavia herself, whose thoughts frequently crack me up:

“It is common knowledge that neighborly disputes can sometimes escalate into murder, and even a lightning glance at the front page of the Daily Mail is enough to demonstrate this fact. A simple disagreement over a wandering cat may easily end with corpses piled up like kindling wood.”

Or this winter scene, a view that is so nearly impossible to adequately describe:

“The world was a nighttime wonderland. A razor wind had stripped away most of the clouds, and the trees, under a gibbous moon, were a glorious, ice-covered confection, transparent spangles glittering with a cold brightness. It was like a decorated stage set from the Russian ballet, awaiting the dancers—The Snow Queen, perhaps, in which human hearts are pierced and frozen by shards of ice from the trolls’ shattered mirror.”

I often find myself stopping to read passages over again, for the pure pleasure of it.

And I’m deliberately not permitting myself to plow through the book in a hurry, because I will be sorry when it ends.

See http://alanbradleyauthor.com/books/thrice-the-brinded-cat-hath-mewd/overview


PS. SadieSue Doodle looks like an Australian Shepherd, according to the worldwideweb.


2 thoughts on “Flavia De Luce

  1. I’ve been dragassing over the holidays, reading you but not commenting. Like you I’m a big fan of Flavia. I chose The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie for our next book club meeting, and hope people will admire her as I do. And of course the author.


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