When You Give a Dog a Home . . .


Sadie Sue sticks close to me during our first walk. What breed of dog do you think she is?

. . . You give her a couch of her own. “Your very own dog couch!” I said to her, strolling toward the tractor shed where Scott and Bruce had just placed their grandmother’s old chesterfield, which was on its way to the dump anyway.  “You’re the luckiest dog in the world!”

. . . You breathe a sigh of relief when she doesn’t follow the truck Scott just drove out, but bounces around the yard instead, checks out her couch, and then comes and lays on the step.

. . . You are excited and happy the first time you hear her barking. You run to the window and see her standing, looking toward the east where she probably heard coyotes yipping beyond the farmyard’s western line of elms, spruces, crabapples, lilacs, poplars . Her bark even ends with a growly wind-down, like Jenna Doodle’s did.

. . . You buy her a plastic, electric water bowl and a collar.

. . . You love her up real good even if she’s come from a nice place, because you want her to feel at home.

. . . You go for your first walk together and you are thrilled when she bounds through the snow in the ditch beside you like a flying bulldozer. Miserable dogs don’t do that. We worried that she might have trouble adjusting to being without her former canine companion, and we are sure she does miss her.

. . . You’re relieved when she finally figures out what you’ve been telling her: that the heated dog house is the place to be when it’s this cold.

. . . You sit down to read next to the picture window and after a few minutes you hear her howl, perhaps calling you outside. When you stand to look, she is looking right at you.


Sadie is a dog that strayed into (or was dropped off at) a farmyard in November. The property owners, unable to find her people, posted a notice on Facebook last week. Had we not taken her, Sadie would be on her way to a shelter tomorrow. Unfortunately the dog that strayed with her (both beautiful dogs) will go to the shelter, as we couldn’t take both. Well … we could’ve, but it would mean twice the cost for spaying, and more risk that the dogs would wander. Not to mention that we’ll already feel in serious hot water if Sadie Sue is already pregnant, because then we’ll have pups to deal with. Two sets would be too much of a pain.


Our new friend.


2 thoughts on “When You Give a Dog a Home . . .

  1. Such a beautiful face! Congratulations to both of you. You deserve each other. Happy New Year to you and your family! Lori


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