So It’s a New Year


Sunrise at Aurora Beach


The years and months and weeks and days and even hours are flying past so fast. Yesterday I went for a walk in the bright sun and hard cold and thought Here I am, 57, and I’m going to turn around tomorrow and it will be 10 years from now and I’ll be 67.

And what will I be thinking about on that New Year’s Day, I wondered. How will I be feeling about my life? Much the same? Much different? Will I be as healthy and fit as I am now? Will I be walking on this same road?

For fun I went back to an old blog: January 2, 2007.

I am still using the iMac I had just purchased and mentioned in that 2007 entry. Everett says it is hellishly slow, but I’m not accustomed to anything faster so it doesn’t usually bother me. Sometimes, though, it seems to be struggling. One can hear it working, wheezing, huffing and puffing.

I hope all my loved ones will still be alive and well in 10 years. This computer can be replaced, but they can’t. I sure wish Mom had been able to grow old; I hope Dad will, and that I’ll have the pleasure of watching it happen. He turns 78 tomorrow and shows no signs of slowing down; none whatsoever. Maybe at 80 he’ll consider it? I tell him he can start playing the “age card” when he’s 80, though it could be that Dad will be the one to change my idea of what 80 is.


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