The Margo Retreat


One of the first things I did after unloading my week’s luggage into Karen’s house was bundle up and take a walk with the dogs before the sun went down.

Hers is one of only two houses at the development so far, and it’s the only one that is occupied. Scott asked if I was afraid to be out there by myself, but nope. Besides, I wasn’t alone. Three dogs and a cat were my roommates.


The front door faces west to the road, a loop that joins up to a grid running north —> south.

Karen’s been working hard at her landscaping, which will be pretty once the trees she planted have had a chance to mature. Along with two fish in an aquarium inside, her pond fish have been moved to a larger aquarium in the attached garage. I fed them all every morning.

The east side of the house overlooks the frozen water, and one can see the remaining grain elevator and some of the buildings and lights of the village off in the distance, about a mile-and-a-half away. (It looks much closer in this photo than it actually is, which makes the lake appear very small.) The white building on the right is the school where Margo kids attended grades 1 to 6. It’s been closed for many years and is now part of the construction yard for a bin-building business.


The south side of the house

When indoors, I spent a lot of my time looking out windows in every direction.


2 thoughts on “The Margo Retreat

  1. Now this explains everything my dear friend. I couldn’t access your (old) blog on my android and I find myself more on the android than I am on the laptop, so well, I’m happy I find you, bloggy-wogging away under an alias. I must now try and put the link on my android. And you know me, LOL.
    I love the name and the new look. Very crisp as the techies say. Of which I am not one. As you well know having fixed my blog you dear pal.
    All the best to you and yours. And live long and prosper.
    Big hugs.


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